Friday, January 9, 2009

I recently did 7 acrylic paintings for a pediatric doctor's office. They were all scenes from fairy tales and rather large. Hansel and Gretl is 25x36" - the smallest one, Three Little Pigs, is 18x24".

I hand lettered a bit of text on each one to assure identification of the story. H&G is my favorite.

Before I got the job, I did one of the Pied Piper as a sample. They loved it, but considering what happens to children at the end, decided not to use it. Luckily, the doctors liked the handmade quality of my lettering. (I HATE lettering! Why do I do these things to myself?)

We did all love the little mice observing the scene from atop the stone wall, so I included the pair in every painting. I made them both violet in all the rest of the paintings. The doctors got a kick out of spotting them in each painting. I figured the kid patients would like that, too.


  1. they are gorgeous pepper. A nice touch adding mice to each painting.

  2. Love these Pepper! The mice will be fun for the kids to find too.

  3. sounds fun. I was happy to spot your blog and bookmarked it. I haven't painted since I gave up scene and costume design (though my family gave me a nice easel and a bunch of paint for Christmas.