Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My doll club has been trying to break into the art gallery world. We do one of a kind art dolls, which we really should call mixed media sculpture. One gallery loved our portfolio, but turned us down because they do wall-hung art and have no pedestals.

So we put together a portfolio of wall-hung dolls! We call the collection "Out of the Box." One of my entries is "Ctrl Alt Delete" for whom I've been collecting parts for some time. He is rigged to be converted into a marionette. Like so many of my dolls, he's hard to photograph. The large pin connector below his eyes is supposed to be his nose. His mouth is the wide green thing below that. His ears are little speakers, one round, one rectangular. His feet are mice. I need to get some closeups.

When I can find some black braided fishing line, I'm going to spring him from the case and rig him up as a marionette.

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  1. I remember you from the DollMakers List group with Dawn. I haven't posted there in a long time but use to love that list! Anyway, I thought you might like the name of my blog "There is no Box, Never Was..." Ha! Do you think that's really so? :-)

    Have a great hair day! Becci Renfro